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26 Jun 2015
I am always telling people to be positive, but not just that. Also I happen to be a very positive person myself and think that it's more important then telling people what to do. It just happens to be so, that I am a real person and want to express my real feelings at times. Natural isn't it! Anyway, a friend of mine is getting married but she was worrier about her weight. So I wanted to cheer her up and tell her that everything is fine. But I couldn't because she had already decided that being "Plus-Sized" was going to be a problem when taking photographs. That's when I bumped into the most innovative and wonderful guide for wedding photography for plus-size brides that was just pooring with positivity.

It was one of those rare moments, when someone had been in fact much more positive than I had. Not just making stupid advice or outrageous claims. Instead, it made me think about how one needs loads of practice to reflect that happiness just through text. I want to learn from the wonderful blogger at besides getting lots and lots of tremendously fantastic advice on photography in general. These kinds of relationships with bloggers can often have loads of different benefits.

The article gave my friend so much confidence, that she is planning to wear just the dress she wanted for her wedding. A lot of obiest brides might hide their features with all kinds of things, from objects to clothes. But finding that confident person who just wants to enjoy their wedding and being a pride, is soo beautiful. It turns out, that something I wanted to teach to someone else came a lesson for myself. That means that I am always ready to be humble and learn from others, it's great how life is funny in that mysterious way. While I am not XL sized myself.. it gave me confidence to being a bride as a thin person, even. As well as I learned something about photography of course:P Isn't that incredible!

Love and bright-light. See you next time,
Anna Holm


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