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26 May 2014
You know when you have difficult situations in life, when you need to choose between two things. Such as the two marvelous acrobatics shows, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing. Well, it's almost impossible to choose because both are the best! Or at least that is the conclusion I was inevitably drawn to, when witnessing the beauty of the colorful spectacle in Beijing.

Traveling is the way to feel exited, which is something I love as many of you know. However, being able to party with one feet on the ground has become increasingly difficult when I am being pulled into two different directions.

China is all about good friends and a social life (such as mine), but it can be hard when your friends are located so far from each other. As many of you know, China is a pretty huge country and while it might look close on the map, there is a huge distance between Beijing and Shanghai.

Yes, they have a super fast bullet train that runs every hour between the two cities. But it still takes five hours at least, if you take the super super fast one. So it's not like you just hop on the train and go to check out the nearby city. We are talking about 1,305 kilometres!!

Anyway, for some reason I did decide on Beijing and the chaoyang acrobatic show, which does not fail to make you happy and exited at the same time. It's not my first time at Chaoyang but I kind of felt like I was experiencing the blast all over again. Seeing these guys who are so extremely skillful, I am confident that I never want to become an acrobat myself. It's good to know that, isn't.

Hey, I gotta go. Catch you later on my fantastic blog.. hope you are enjoying the writings so far. Drop me a message anytime if you feel lonely. I'm here to please you.. oh-yeah. =) Hahah.

& thanks for inube for keeping things, "in tact"=)



Charlie | 4 years 1 month ago
For me the answer if easy, I love them both!:)

Tanya Harris | 4 years 25 days ago
Acrobatics is the salt of my life. I have never been to China or Beijing. But sounds like a must. Thank you Anna for sharing your experience!!

Frank Kean | 3 years 3 months ago
Chaoyang Theatre is the best acrobatics in town, they are hugely skillful. That's for sure! Recommended.

anna-holm | 3 years 3 months ago
Thanks for your comments. It is really an incredible show. Check out my new post, with new plans for the Summer! Cheers.

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