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31 Mar 2014
As many of you might know already, I love to be exited. And there are usually two ways to it. One is to do something exiting yourself, the other is to watch other people do something exiting. Both are equally good, just different!

Well, as you might guess as well.. that even though I am the one who is usually doing all the exciting stuff. This time I went to see something exciting, the world famous Shanghai Acrobatic Show that simply blew my mind!

I am always impressed when someone is willing to risk their safety in order to entertain others. Even if it's for money.. while I would love to be able to do the same, I am fully aware of the hard training of years and years until one is able to do such amazing tricks and stunts.

And this one was different from all the other boring Chinese acrobatic "spectacles", because they could interact and speak with the audience. Not just speak as in speak but in connect, which is important for any kind of showmanship.

Besides that there was actual speaking, someone was selected to go on stage and knives were thrown at that person. Too bad I wasn't selected! That would have been fun.

Anyway, seeing an acrobatic show really brough the child in me alive.. now I cant help jumping here and there and playing tricks.. I'll try not to brake any bones or anything.

Loving Shanghai!
--Anna Holm


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