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21 Mar 2014
Feeling alive? Come on now, all of us have lots of moments when we don't feel alive. We feel tired, ignorant.. we don't care or notice what's happening outside of us. Then something happens and bang, your heart starts rushing and you could be in love. After some time the feeling is gone.. until again, you riding the rollercoaster.

It's funny that people have become like this.. but, it's a way to seek balance, to be happy.. to remember to smile. One just wonders, what if you wouldn't have neither. What if you would be just constantly happy.. not too much not too little. Just happy.

I have news for you, for as long as you have your mind.. that cannot stop thinking. You will ride the rollercoaster. Because that's the nature of the mind, when it's in control. My answer is to seek love. Love makes my mind shut up.. and just be, enjoy.. in an enternal moment! That's my happiness. What's happiness for you?


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