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10 Mar 2014
Someone thought I got a little bit caried away last time, however I hardly think so. I was just getting warmed up. I don't really understand why so many people are afraid of emotions.. one need experiences that are filled with them inorder to feel alive. Good example being the Red Theater Beijing group that are perhaps some of the most "alive" people I have ever met in my life.

You know I love traveling, and once in China I went to see this world famous kung fu performance. I got so hot from watching the show that I could not hold the grin on my face. It never happened to me before in a theater, and I have been to a few.. not just Beijing!

So once the performance was finished, I was simply dying to meet these red theater guys. But naturally they were no where to be seen until.. I went upstairs for a bit of a relax because I saw some comfortable chairs. Later I found out this area was only for the staff and not for regular customers. To my great suprice one of the performers sat next to me and started up a conversation with very bad English.

I was so exited and it happened so all of a sudden. I had so many questions.. how can you do what you do, every day of the night. Sometimes twice a day. What keeps you going. I just wanted to know everything!

So this guy explain (I forgot his name, it was difficult to pronounce), that in the performance he lets out all is anxieties, stress and all the shit that you collect during the day by living in a big city/modern day society. So for him, it's like a purifying experience to take his body into these kung fu extremes and poses. Everytime he does it, the more alive he feels. Never getting tired of it.

Also he seems very "chinese" and was explaining to me how he wanted to preserve Chinese culture and all that which is very honorable. Then he had to go and I was left with an autograph and deep, long lasting impression on the beauty of Chinese martial arts. Red Theater is indeed of the most magical places in Beijing!


Maria Moutee | 3 years 2 months ago
Wow. Reading this article makes me want to go to Red Theatre. It must be amazing Kung Fu action, going to visit this Summer. Wohoo!

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