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08 Mar 2014
And it's Anna time. Looks like my posts haven't quite started of that well yet. Well, it's because I have been busy being happy and briging happiness to people around me. I always like to play happy songs in my head.. venture the world. Go and see new countries, new people, new ways of life. There is something to learn behind every corner. I learned that a long time ago, and ever since my life has been bliss.

I am not the kind of over happy person who goes to grumpy people to tell them that they should smile. Even if it would work, I'm not interested in anything like that. Happiness starts from yourself. From your own bellybutton. Once you gain happiness, it sort of starts to poor out of you. Overflow.

When happiness originates from your deepest, core, inner being so to say.. it has a very natural and authentic feel to it. People take a liking of you, like to be around you and observe you. When there is no fear of being timitated or forced into anything.. there is a chance that one can learn something from someone, just because they choose to do so out of their free will.

This is the strongest power of chance on the planet we have today. It's ancient and still works! I'll give you more practical examples later on.

Lots of love, Anna Holm.


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