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26 Jun 2015
I am always telling people to be positive, but not just that. Also I happen to be a very positive person myself and think that it's more important then telling people what to do. It just happens to be so, that I am a real person and want to express my real feelings at times. Natural isn't it! Anyway, a friend of mine is getting married but she was worrier about her weight. So I wanted to cheer her up and tell her that everything is fine. But I couldn't because she had already decided that being "Plus-Sized" was going to be a problem when taking photographs. That's when I bumped into the most innovative and wonderful guide for wedding photography for plus-size brides that was just pooring with positivity.

It was one of those rare moments,...

11 Apr 2015
It is time again to think about what to do this Summer and how to enjoy your life while traveling, smiling and having fun. For me, it all starts with a theatre performance.. it sort of kicks off the season very nicely and brings out the positive hope that is much needed throughout the years. We all know how I love the Chinese acrobatics, such as the one in Chaoyang Theatre. Already I received a few positive comments about it and was positively thrilled. Thanks guys!

But this time it's time to experience something a little different in the great capital of China. I wanted to see something I hadn't seen before, and luckily The Golden Mask Dynasty in Beijing came to the rescue! Hosted at the OCT Theatre near Happy Valley this show makes a...

26 May 2014
You know when you have difficult situations in life, when you need to choose between two things. Such as the two marvelous acrobatics shows, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing. Well, it's almost impossible to choose because both are the best! Or at least that is the conclusion I was inevitably drawn to, when witnessing the beauty of the colorful spectacle in Beijing.

Traveling is the way to feel exited, which is something I love as many of you know. However, being able to party with one feet on the ground has become increasingly difficult when I am being pulled into two different directions.

China is all about good friends and a social life (such as mine), but it can be hard when your friends are located so far from each other. As many of...

31 Mar 2014
As many of you might know already, I love to be exited. And there are usually two ways to it. One is to do something exiting yourself, the other is to watch other people do something exiting. Both are equally good, just different!

Well, as you might guess as well.. that even though I am the one who is usually doing all the exciting stuff. This time I went to see something exciting, the world famous Shanghai Acrobatic Show that simply blew my mind!

I am always impressed when someone is willing to risk their safety in order to entertain others. Even if it's for money.. while I would love to be able to do the same, I am fully aware of the hard training of years and years until one is able to do such amazing tricks and stunts.

And this one was...

21 Mar 2014
Feeling alive? Come on now, all of us have lots of moments when we don't feel alive. We feel tired, ignorant.. we don't care or notice what's happening outside of us. Then something happens and bang, your heart starts rushing and you could be in love. After some time the feeling is gone.. until again, you riding the rollercoaster.

It's funny that people have become like this.. but, it's a way to seek balance, to be happy.. to remember to smile. One just wonders, what if you wouldn't have neither. What if you would be just constantly happy.. not too much not too little. Just happy.

I have news for you, for as long as you have your mind.. that cannot stop thinking. You will ride the rollercoaster. Because that's the nature of the mind, when...

10 Mar 2014
Someone thought I got a little bit caried away last time, however I hardly think so. I was just getting warmed up. I don't really understand why so many people are afraid of emotions.. one need experiences that are filled with them inorder to feel alive. Good example being the Red Theater Beijing group that are perhaps some of the most "alive" people I have ever met in my life.

You know I love traveling, and once in China I went to see this world famous kung fu performance. I got so hot from watching the show that I could not hold the grin on my face. It never happened to me before in a theater, and I have been to a few.. not just Beijing!

So once the performance was finished, I was simply dying to meet these red theater guys. But...

08 Mar 2014
And it's Anna time. Looks like my posts haven't quite started of that well yet. Well, it's because I have been busy being happy and briging happiness to people around me. I always like to play happy songs in my head.. venture the world. Go and see new countries, new people, new ways of life. There is something to learn behind every corner. I learned that a long time ago, and ever since my life has been bliss.

I am not the kind of over happy person who goes to grumpy people to tell them that they should smile. Even if it would work, I'm not interested in anything like that. Happiness starts from yourself. From your own bellybutton. Once you gain happiness, it sort of starts to poor out of you. Overflow.

When happiness originates from your...

18 Feb 2014
Hi everyooonnnee! I'm Anna, your new host for the evening. I hope to bring some happiness into all of your lifes..! I am new to blogging and would like to thank inube for this excellent opportunity and experience. I hope to learn this stuff soon! Please friends, leave a comment if you see me doing something right, wrong or anything in between.

If you want to know more about me. Just read my awesome new blog! Thanks!!

Warm hugs,
Anna Holm